Guided is an independent college consultancy that specializes in helping qualified Brazilian
candidates select, apply and gain acceptance to institutions of higher learning in the United States. Our primary objective
is to make navigating the complicated admissions process as simple as possible, and ensure candidates are presented in the best
possible light.

By simplifying this intricate process, Guided allows the candidate to make

the optimal educational decision for

him or herself.
Combining contacts and experience in elite American institutions with a deep understanding of the

specific needs of our Brazilian clients, Guided provides a range of services tailored to the individual candidate.

We believe students and their families should be able to focus on what matters – their future success.

"When my employer's son decided to apply to school in the States, much of the task of organizing and overseeing fell to me. I could sense both my boss' stress and that of his son, and – not really knowing how to proceed myself – it was a huge relief when Guided was recommended to us. Any questions we had, any time of the day, the team at Guided was there to help us. It just made the process much clearer and easier, and kept our stress levels as low as possible. I would strongly recommend calling Guided to anyone considering applying to college or boarding school in the US."
- Mary M.

"When I first emailed Guided, I simply said 'Philip, I need your help.' I have had much success in business, but, at the end of the day, I am a father, and I worry about my son's happiness and his achieving his dreams. Being Brazilian and educated here, I didn't know much about the American school system, except that it was clearly very different and much more complicated than our own application process. Guided helped me to worry much less, and sleep better. And my son got into his #1 choice school!"
- Fernando P. (pseudonym)

"What first impressed me was the consultants' interest in my personal goals. When I first decided to apply to schools in Miami, I was asked why. 'Why do you want to go to these schools now? What is it you hope to accomplish? What skills or experiences are you hoping to develop.' Those questions really helped me become more comfortable in picking a program, and also to trust that Guided had my best interests at heart. But what really made the difference was their help with my essays. Guided didn't just help me write better application essays, I believe they made me a better writer."
- Joe W.